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Day of Mindfulness
Saturday, July 29, 2017 10.00am - 04.00pm
Day of Mindfulness


As previously mentioned in our monthly newsletter, we will be gathering to practice together this Saturday July 29th, 2017 from 10am until 4pm at our usual Monday practice room in the Multi-faith Centre on UofT campus (room 208). Just a few things that are perhaps worth mentioning about our day together...
One-day retreat
You are invited to view this day as a one-day retreat.  This means turning off all devices if possible (putting them on vibrate if not) and giving this time as a gift to yourself to stop all busyness and running, to calm the body and mind, and to allow yourself to rest deeply.  You are also encouraged to observe silence throughout our scheduled time together (with the exception of readings, Dharma sharing, and singing).  Silence supports us in resting and healing and can be deeply nourishing for many of us who live amidst nearly-constant noise and chatter.  It is important not only during the formal practices but also during the break, during lunch as we retrieve our food and sit down to eat, as we put away the cushions and bells together afterwards, and as we practice walking meditation outdoors (weather permitting).  Practicing in this way we help to maintain the energy of mindfulness throughout the day and we support not only our own practice but the practice of our brothers and sisters in the Sangha.  Although we do not speak, the practice of silence need not be oppressive and we can acknowledge the presence of each other with a smile or a bow.  If there is something we need to communicate we may take the person aside to speak quietly, out of earshot of others.  Conversations can always be enjoyed after 4pm when friends in the Sangha may wish to stay behind to talk or go for tea together.
Eating meditation/mindful lunch
You are encouraged to bring a vegetarian meal with you when you arrive in the morning; because of time constraints it may be difficult for you to leave the building to order and pick up food at a nearby restaurant without rushing and undoing all the calm that you spent the morning to nurture :)  Please bring everything you need for yourself to eat and drink (container, utensils, mug, napkin) as we will not have access to a kitchen.  We will leave it to you to decide whether you'd like to bring a meal for yourself or something to share (if something to share, please bring any necessary serving utensils).
Deep relaxation
Please bring whatever supports you may need in order to lie down comfortably for 45 mins (head/neck supports, blankets, etc.)
Walking meditation
If weather permits, we will enjoy a more extensive walking meditation practice outdoors so you might like to consider packing lightly for the day but including perhaps a hat and a pair of sunglasses.
The cost of renting the room for the day is $100 so if you are able to chip in and help support the Sangha in this way, a donation box will be available.

Tentative schedule
This is subject to change but is meant to give you an idea of how we might spend the day together.  I will aim to be there around 9:30am to unlock the cupboards and set up for the day; please join me if you are able :)
10 - Settling in + introductory words + opening reading from Thay's book
10:20 - Mindful movements
10:40 - Guided sit
11 - Silent sit
11:20 - 5 Mindfulness Trainings recitation
11:35 - Break
11:40 - Recorded Dharma talk by Thay
12:20 - Eating meditation/mindful lunch
1 - Deep relaxation
1:45 - Dharma sharing
2:30 - Mindful/silent cleaning up together (putting away cushions and bells)
2:40 - Indoor guided walking meditation leading to...
3:00 - Outdoor walking meditation to green space
3:40 - Silent sit at outdoor green space
3:55 - Closing reading from Thay's book


Multi-Faith Centre
Multi-Faith Centre
569 Spadina Ave. (entrance on Bancroft Ave)
Country: ca


Getting there by TTC:

From the Bloor subway: take the subway to Spadina, travel South on the streetcar and get off at Willcocks St. Go to the East side of the street.  Walk one short block south on Spadina and the building will be on your left-hand side just as you get to the cresent.


By the College streetcar: take the College streetcar to Spadina and walk North on Spadina on the East side of the street, around the cresent.


Once you are there:

Enter the Multi-Faith Centre from the east side (from Bancroft Ave) as the doors on Spadina Ave are locked.

We are on the second floor in the Main Activity Hall.  Note that the doors to the room, when closed, look like wooden walls because there is no handle.  Just gently push on the door and it will open.